Saturday, 31 August 2013

Anything Goes

Every summer I am part of a team that runs a week-long residential music/theatre workshop for FCMG: London's Children's Choir based at Sevenoaks School in Kent.

The 2013 show was Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" and for the first time I photographed the dress rehearsal and performance using only my Fujis - X-Pro1 with 18-55 and X-E1 with 55-200. With the latest firmware the auto focus worked fantastically even though much of the show was quite darkly lit.

All images were shot around f/4.0 in aperture priority with variable amounts of exposure compensation - the constantly changing lighting meant that much tweaking of the exposure was needed to keep the mood right in the images.  White balance was kept constant on Tungsten so changes of lighting colour were preserved and not white balanced out to neutral!  ISO was in the range of 800 to 1600 throughout.

The RAW files were developed and book designed in Adobe Lightroom 5.

You can see the results in a Blurb photobook - if you have a fast connection use the full screen preview bottom right: